Organ Donation

21 02 2010


Last night i made my mind up to become an organ donor, I saw it on the news a bit back and it got me thinking that it was the right thing to do for someone, i know if it was one of my children got ill and need a organ i would give everything for them so why not for other people, so i am donor now and proud.

i am not pushing anything on to people just have a think about it =D

here is link to sign up to the organ donor list and more info,, fact and help

NHSBT – Organ Donation –.



Eastenders Live

19 02 2010


Just watched Eastenders Live and it was insane i fort it was out of this world, i loved it so much there was a few slip ups by Jack, but just showed how good an actor he is just continued so very well done

i had my money on Becca i fink i was the only person who fort she did it hehe i wont give any of the story a  way  just in case you missed it, it’s a must watch

weldone to all the staff, writers and actors on the show 10/10

happy birthday Eastenders

25 East Enders

Heavy Rain DEMO is OUT YAY

13 02 2010


i bean waiting for this game for along time now and the DEMO is out on PS3 Store so go and check it out and see what you think i can’t wait to see how this game turns out hope you enjoy

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UPDATE (13/02/10 at 15:52)

I just played the demo and it was insane i really like the game style worth every penny i wont give anything away just go an play the demo =)

Remember Due for release on 26/02/2010 at

Tinchy Stryder Show Sheffield O2 Academy (06/02/2010)

8 02 2010

Hey ,

On Saturday 6th of February at Sheffield O2 Academy me and my girlfriend went to go and see the artist Tinchy Stryder, i am not a great fan of this music but i really enjoyed the night i fort he was good performer on stage and some of song he played i remember from the radio lol, i didnt like the support acts

I am more into my Death Metak but i would advice anyone to go and see him 9/10 for the show

here are some pictures of the night

Welcome to my Blog

30 01 2010

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my blog here i am going to be talking about college work and stuff whats happen around the UK so i hope you enjoy what i have to say

Chris x