About Me

Hey Everyone,

Christopher Hindson Age: 19

Well i best start from the begin i was born on 21st December 1990 at Doncaster Royal, my mums name is Tracey Hindson “amazing mum”  i also have a sister who is three years younger then me.

I live in Doncaster Scawthorpe where i went to school at Castle Hill Primary and Don Vally Hight School i didn’t like school load of Sh@*t but now i am at college about to go on a level three games course fun fun.

i have a lot of hobbies like i play guitar, draw, play games, history, war, anime and i like to learn new things i know ………….. sounds weird ay but i just love getting my head down and learning new things i just love it

The Greatest man i know is my granddad “Terry Gough” i have always looked up to him, hes my hero that much i got his Pit number tattoo on my arm and at the top it says Granddad, but i cant forget my grandma “jackie Gough” who is just amazing i am always happy to see my grandma

tattoo of my grandad number

(the numbers need to be touch up again)

well thats a little bit about me ………

Have a nice day =D


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